Three Dead Trolls' Interweb Multimedia Happy Lucky Fun Page!!!!

"In the future there will be no 'Artists', only 'Content Providers'."
- Laurie Anderson (i think)

It's HERE! Dear God it's HERE...
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie's very own DVD - only 30 lousy bucks!

Here are some of our videos, mostly in quicktime.
Why quicktime? Because it's the least evil compressed video format, that's why.

See an iPod battle a Brick Wall in the first installment of "Digital Rage".

New Previously Unreleased crap only at our free Video PodCast! (link opens in iTunes)


"Stephen Wright is our friend"

Behind The Scenes @ Microsoft

Say Nothing - by Sleepy Eye

The Invasion of Canada
(War of 1812 - Part 2)

J'eau - Bottled Water Ad
(Naked Joe Warning!)

Check out the free Preview for our DVD featuring some previously unreleased videos from a live gig we did in Seattle.

Current Top Crap

Geek Flavoured Skittage

The Hunt for the Wild Pope!
The Geek Show dot com

Wes and Neil's tv show

Welcome to the Internet Helpdesk: Studio Version

Welcome to the Internet Helpdesk: Live Version

Welcome to the Internet Helpdesk: PG-13 Version

How To Buy A Computer

Flash animation

See if you can spot when the characters accidentally switch voices!

Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy and You!

Quicktime (all speeds)

Behind The Scenes at Microsoft

Flash animation

Keep Your Parents off the Internet

Flash animation

Every OS Sucks: Special "Director's Cut" Version
Contains 2.4 extra jokes!

Quicktime (all speeds)

If you like our stuff and you've already given us all the money you're gonna, you will love Mr. Show with Bob and David. They are sort of like us, but if we were funnier and hung out with Jack Black and impressed Bernie Brillstein and had a budget.

Non Geek Flavoured Skittage

Mom's Coming To My House - Live

Quicktime: Broadband

Who Cries for the Piñata?


The Little Tank That Could - Canadian Version

Flash animation

The Little Tank That Could - Australian Version

Flash animation

And of course, if you haven't already done so, you probably should consider aquiring some Python