Why The Hell Should You Buy "The Geek Disc"?

You got some nerve asking that question, but here goes:

"The Geek Disc" is much more than just a CD ROM. It's also our first New Media TV show. It contains much more content than a typical half-hour network tv show, and (hopefully) is a hell of a lot funnier.

"The Geek Disc" movie files are WAY bigger and WAY higher resolution than the videos we host on our web site. These are NEW RE-COMPRESSIONS of the source "Broadcast Quality" DV-Tape originals, using the finest Sorenson 3 compression codec (and crappy old windows media format too just to be safe). The videos look DAMN GOOD on a crappy old PC, and SUPER DAMN GOOD on a half decent (600 mhz +) box. Each file is around 70 Megs, and it would take at least a solid week to download them all on a dial-up connection.

"The Geek Disc" is proof that artists CAN create, perform, shoot, edit, produce, broadcast, and sell their own works without the meddling censorship or greedy fingers of THE MAN.

Buying this CD ROM not only puts money in our hungry pockets, but also will allow us to finish our next disc, tentatively called something like "Streaming Files of Skit"... in fact, a preview movie is included on "The Geek Disc".

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Back Cover:

All Videos in nice high-quality Quicktime, and half-decent crap-quality Windows Media formats.

Also Contains:

What Joe Saw on the Internet - mp3
Ever OS Sucks - Studio Version mp3
The Privacy Song - mp3
How To Buy a Computer - mp3

5 minute excerpt of "Three Dead Trolls: Biography" video from the next CD-Rom.

Three Dead Trolls share the contents of their pockets with you in a mac-only application written by Joe himself.

Front Cover:

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100 Years of Subatomic Humor
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I must be crazy!
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That's right, Paul (who co-wrote Welcome to the Internet Helpdesk and other favourite Trolls bits) has a book containing the best of his late great humour column.

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