Gary Cogg: CEO

He's a tireless downtrodden hard-working unsung every-CEO who truly cares about the lives of the people above and below him, which is why he's balding, single, and on his third heart attack.
Episode 1 - "The Pilot" ------- Episode 2 - "The Executive, Part 1"

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The Gary Cogg CEO Theme Song!

The Higher you climb
the lower you stoop
and the harder it is to inhale

the money, the fame,
and all of the blame!
until you have a heart attack
or end up in Jail!

it's Gary Cogg: CEO!
he's probably a little like someone you know
he's Gary Cogg: CEO!

Created by Jay Gulick, BNet, and Three Dead Trolls.
Written by Joe and Wes.
Animated and drawn by Joe.
Starring, Joe and Wes.
Introducing Jilly Vanilly as "Clarice, the Black Chick".
©2005, BNET & Three Dead Trolls
A BNET/DeadTroll joint.

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