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Peyote - Live in Seattle

Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie Present our first DVD, "Dee-Vee-Dee". A double sided dvd featuring over 80 minutes of video, including lots of unreleased concert footage, director's comentary, secret easter eggs, and over 5 albums of audio in mp3 and dvd audio.

Side 1 features: Welcome to the Internet Helpdesk, Every OS Sucks, Behind the scenes @ Microsoft, Keep Your Parents Off The Net, How to Buy a Computer, FOIP and you, Who Cries for the Pinata, The Little Tank that Could, as well as concert footage from Edmonton, Seattle, and Winnipeg.

Side 2 features: Full albums, Skit Happens, Steaming Pile of Skit, Live @ the Hyperbole, The Geek Album, An Unseasonably Yellow Christmas, and some old crap we found.