The Lost Scrolls of Frosty

These incredible scrolls were discovered in a snow bank by Joe Bird on his fifteenth attempt to reach the North Pole.

WARNING: The Lost Scrolls of Frosty contains concepts and theology that may exist outside of your comfort zone. If you're worried at all, you probably shouldn't subject your fragile belief system to the revolutionary words herein. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

These mp3s are hosted by us as a christmas gift to you. Enjoy them please, then buy something or get the hell out.

Book The First

Wherein the First Christmas is recalled, and the Baby Jesus suckles from the glorious and sinless nipples of the Virgin Mary.

Book The Second

Wherein the Baby Jesus slumbers and is visited by three ghosts, Santa, Satan, and Frosty.

Book The Third

Wherein the Baby Jesus returns to earth with a vengence, bringing with him all manner of apocalypse.

Book The Fourth

Wherein the Damned down in Hellville teach Jehovah a lesson and are delivered from suffering by the mighty Frosty.

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