Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie are one of the Internet's most popular comedy troupes at over 3 million downloads of their mp3s so far.

Skit Happens
- including:
How to Buy a Computer
Breaking up with CPU
Canada's Loser Prime Ministers
The System Administrator Song
Welcome to the Internet Helpdesk
... and 13 more tracks!

Live @ The Hyperbole
The Legendary live concert recording with Jr. Gone Wild

Check out the free Preview for our DVD featuring ALL 5 of our albumsd (in DVD audio and mp3) and some previously unreleased videos from a live gig we did in Seattle.

"It's All Your Fault" - a lovely dysfunctional lullaby mp3 recorded live in front of at least a dozen people at the SideTrack Cafe in 2005.

"Oh River!". A performance art poetry piece of skit inspired by Edmonton's North Saskatchewan River.

The War of 1812 song - as performed Live in Seattle in front of flesh-and-blood Americans. Somehow we escaped with our lives.

No More Boobs (in Calgary) - For the Calgary Flames.

We're An Alberta Band (2004)

It's Jesus's Birthday!

The Lost Scrolls of Frosty


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Steaming Pile of Skit
Live @ The Hyperbole
The Geek Album 2.0
An Unseasonably Yellow Xmas

Other Auditory Crap

Exclusive Audio

Here are a couple of Noam Chomsky jams for those who didn't know they were being screwed by The Man.

I asked Noam's record company if I could use these samples and they said "yes". I asked Ani's people and they said "no". I haven't talked to Dave's people, but I'm really hoping nobody sues me.

(realaudio format)

Jam 1 - Noam Chomsky and Ani Difranco

Jam 2 - Noam Chomsky and Dave Allen

Other Audio

Interview with Wes on CBC Radio's "As It Happens" (streaming RealAudio)
Read the nice little article