Hey kids. Wes here.

I'm temporarily "internet famous" again thanks to a little rant I wrote called
"Pay The F*&ing Teachers"

Other than that, it's been a strange few years. I moved to Victoria, Joe died, and the R.V. I was living in burned to the ground.
And yet... for some reason, the comedy continues.
I'm DONE my new album. It's got a whole bunch of new songs.

I've sent it to the Duplicators, but you can buy a digital copy NOW! You can order it here.

YAY! You can also buy it on CD Baby!

There's an example here. It's chock full o' comedy including a wicked song I wrote with my daughter called "I Can't Stand You Anymore"...

Thanks to everyone for their love and support and for saying such nice things about Joe. He is very very sorely missed.

And to those of you who stole our videos and put them on Youtube... BITE ME!

I'm re-building the website. Please help by donating to us via paypal, or by ordering my album.

Thanks. Here's a live version of one of the new songs:

and here's one for St. Patrick's day